My name is Joey.

Joey Hobbs

I live in San Francisco, but I grew up in northern New Zealand. I'm a software engineer, currently working to build and sustain local food systems with some good folks at Good Eggs.

Please listen to this song I made:

I quite like making music. I made this one with Renoise, but am also a fan of Reaper and have recently aquired an Ableton Push. If you're interested, more music I've written & recorded is available on my SoundCloud page.

JavaScript Synth

Here is a simple JavaScript synthesizer/keyboard demo I've been tinkering with. It's using the Web Audio API, with React, Redux & RxJS.

Saga of the Lordrakes

This is "Lordrakes", an isometric tile-based RPG I made with Flash back in ~2004. Building this is what got me into computer programming and compelled me to study Software Engineering.

Back in my excessively bearded days, I did a wee talk and demo at TechInMotion. It's about graphs and Quid and whatnot.

Here is my resumé.

Here is some of my code.

Here are some photo's I've taken

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting!